Friday, February 10, 2017

Finally - the Silicon Valley fight is back.

This morning I was at one of those automated car conferences. Which was filled with a lot of boring AI stuff. But the thing I did find interesting was - the car companies are sort of trying to gang up against Amazon, Google, and Apple for their future in car infotainment systems. They are trying to pick different companies for speech and gesture so they don't have those names branded on the inside of their cars. It seems like they feel if they chose them, they sort of lose their soul.

Now that's the Silicon Valley I used to know.


  1. "Car, how far to Leamington Spa?"

    "Letchworth is 118 miles away."


    "Letchworth is now 119 miles away."

    "FINE ... Car, how far to Coventry?"

    "Canterbury is 170 miles via the A40 and the M25 ..."

    "Car, there's no way you could have mistook Coventry for Canterbury."

    "Driver, there's no way you could have mistook sarcasm for idiocy."

    "Car, is this what I get for giving your voice recognition system a bad review?"



  2. See, I think they had to create AI because voice recognition makes a ton of mistakes. But we've just all adapted to it and can understand the messages no matter how crazy they come out. AI will be able to say - no baby - he said Leamington Spa.