Friday, February 17, 2017

VR will never go mainstream because of spouses.

Valve’s Gabe Newell: VR could “turn out to be a complete failure”.

It seems like a ridiculous idea but hear me out.

I'm in a somewhat unusual household because both my husband and I like to game. But that is generally not how things work out though. Usually when I talk to guys about gaming, the conversation always turns to how playing video games drives their girlfriends nuts. I mean, it can really create a lot of friction. But this is something girls put up with because while not completely present - they are still somewhat present. With VR gaming they are not really present at all. They are in another world. That is not gong to make girls happy at all. She might just break up with you over it. No foolies. I like games,  but if I was 20 - even I might break up with you, depending.

A few months ago I was talking to a guy I know who happens to be gay. He was talking about his software developer husband who comes home and sits right down to play video games. The guy I know wasn't happy with that at all. Which made me laugh because even gay guys have the same marital issues the rest of the world has. (well I mean, not me. My house is cool)

Guys play probably 95% of the video games. So I assumed that a gay couple might be more tolerant of the whole game playing thing. But apparently not. Do you know how many couples get in fights over video game play? Seriously.

That combined with my feeling that people don't really like to wear "glasses type" things make me sure VR will be nothing more than a fad. Again.


  1. And then someone comes up with the VR version of "Rez", complete with a "trance vibrator" that actually is designed for "sharing the game" with someone ...

  2. I'm not actually sure what Rez is. I thought it was related to porn, so I searched there first. Google was no help. I mean, google knows how to find porn! But past that google was no help.

  3. "Rez" was a rather cool video game "back in the day" ...

    Apparently someone remade it once again in October 2016, but I
    don't know about the "trance vibrator" ...

    So essentially this, but with VR. :-)

  4. Oh yeah. I've seen the demo's now. It gives me a very old timey Tempest vibe. Flying games aren't so much my jam.

    I can't wait till they have VR DOOOM or Bioshock. That would rock.