Saturday, February 11, 2017

Livin' on a prayer.

The Oroville dam got so lucky. If it would have rained for ONE more day. They are in somewhat of an unmanaged release situation going forward. Hopefully the storm stays out for the full 5 days they predict. Maybe they can get some patch work done.

So.... it looks like the plan right now is to hope the next storm moving in is a cold one. That way water falls as ice rather than rain. Fingers crossed. I guess while we are hoping - we should hope nowhere gets any hotter than it should be in the snow zone.

The bigger question comes next. Typically California doesn't like these reservoirs to be more than 70% full or so because we live in an earthquake zone. 99.9% is sort of outside of "the range" of acceptable.

I'm surprised they didn't start doing some releases sooner. But I'm sure there was a knee jerk reaction over the drought. After what we went through, I'm sure they didn't want to let any water go.

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