Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yeah, it's a bit rainy.

We didn't get as much rain as what was predicted, but yesterday was still pretty wild.

They shut down 280 in both directions in San Jose. A tree fell over highway 17. But the cool thing is - someone just pulled a chainsaw out of their car and commuters went to town cutting up the tree. I think that is one of the most awesome Bay Area moments I've ever seen. I used to do that commute once,  and I'm sure they are fed up with the freeway being one lane in each direction. The highway 17 commute is brutal. And if something happens, there are no back roads.

Yesterday was the first time I've had to ever do flood control at my place. So of course we went down to the creek to see how things were going. What else ya gonna do?

At about noon things looked like the above video. Four hours later this is the same spot. That whirlpooly area is right in the middle of the frame.

Out of the last 21 days we have only had four of them with out rain. That is probably more than the last 4 years combined. Last year we only got like 4 inches of rain the whole year.

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