Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Water, water everywhere.

Just crazy stuff. Highway 17 had a major mud slide taking out the side of the freeway that heads towards Santa Cruz from San Jose. Some people may not be getting home tonight. I don't know if I ever remember that happening.  There are often lots of small slides. But that is a major traffic through fair, they try hard to make sure nothing shuts down the road down. Especially slides. I think right now SJCHP is diverting people to Half Moon Bay!@

Here is a video. I don't know why vimeo's don't format correctly. You can expand the video's size in the lower right corner with the arrows.

Then, in Fremont one of the arteries that helps you get into the East Bay is flooded - over - the - road. I have definitely never seen that. I even tried to look to see how long it's been since the last time it flooded and it might be since 1950. I guess that also means the ACE train that goes through there is pretty sketch right now. You have to go over to the weather reporters twitter feed to view the video. Here.

Traffic is gonna suck balls for a little while. And anyway - the roads that aren't closed to floods are being murdered by this rain. And It's suppose to rain till Saturday. This could get interesting. Some of the reservoirs are hitting the highest level ever recorded. That means they are going to have to start releasing everything.

This morning I woke up to a tiny lake in my backyard.  (very tiny)

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