Saturday, February 11, 2017

The burbs aka Green acres.

We finally got some sun today which was amazing. ~I'm solar powered.~ It's good the rain finally stopped because the hills are getting kinda sloppy. On my way over to The Valley there must have been a half dozen small slips.

This one has been going for a week or two. It was just a tiny line. It's hard to know how much earth under it wants to go.

This one is new.

Even offramps have small slips. That's how you really know the earth is really saturated. That is barely any elevation at all.

After we got back from The Valley we decided to go to one of our parks. We have a reservoir on the outskirts of town that feeds all the streams in town. I was curious what the outflow is now because everywhere is pretty much full. I knew they had closed the reservoir access down a couple of weeks ago because it got flooded out and they needed to make a lot of repairs. But I thought the parks in town would be open. But they weren't.

Normally you'd be able to walk across these streams. If there was any water in them at all.

Since we couldn't get into the park we decided to check out Hidden lake. That's not the name of it. They will probably call it something lame like Quarry lake. But you pretty much couldn't see it from most of the town unless you knew it was there. After all of the storms - it's sort of like a real lake. They could stock it with trout and it would be the cutest thing.

It hasn't rained in a day but you could still see water was flowing in.

We couldn't get all the way around the lake so we tried to see if we could get a higher vantage point to see the rivers. We then went up to the VA hospital where the source of all Turkeys are, and this set was having a shove match.

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