Thursday, February 02, 2017

California is cra cra.

A couple of months ago I tried to get tickets for  the Milo event at Berkeley and it was already sold out. Watching the coverage last night on twitter I'm sort of glad I didn't get them. I'm all in on going to see a protest, but after the San Jose thing I feel I need to be slightly more careful.  A fight broke out right next to us and a knife fell out of one of the guys clothes. It's over on my youtube channel. That video got over 200,000 views!

The sad thing about Berkeley these days is that I feel 10 times more nervous going into Berkeley than I do going into East Palo Alto! Seriously. I mean, it's a safe city (ish) but there are so just many vagrants and bums.

I do have to add that it's refreshing to see protesters vandalize their own city instead of Oakland.


  1. Apparently you need more protective gear to go to a Milo event than you do to go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show night ...

  2. Oddly if you showed up dressed like the rocky horror picture show, you'd be less likely to get your ass kicked.