Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I am not a huge fan of Facebook. But I do have a pseudonym account. Apparently you can't be a person if you don't rent an account. If someone gives you something for free, you don't really own it. Google it!

Somehow facebook has figured out who I am-ish. Facebookbot has decided it's funny to let my deceased mom stalk me from the grave. Three times this week I get a poke - Do you know Snarkolepsy's moms name, it asks.

My thought bubble says W-T-F. The first time you are shocked. It's been a while since she's passed. But we didn't have the best of relationships. So there is that. I don't believe in God - but if I did, she would think this whole thing was funny in sort of a F you sort of way.

It bugs me, but it is funny in a way.

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