Sunday, September 01, 2013

I bet next week you get politics.

The weekend was suppose to go much differently. It started out at a bacon fest. Which turned out to be a food truck thing. I hate food trucks to death. I mean, the Mexicans have been doing this for at least two decades. Some were really good. To die for good. Most were convenient. That means it doesn't have to be good. Food trucks now - are no different. Well, the only difference is they are trendy which means you have to wait through a line 100 deep. Which makes me want to punch the sky. When you finally get your food, it's often just so, so. Like the old days!

So, that set the tone of the weekend. I decided I didn't want to go to Marin for the art fest. Since the Bay Bridge is shut, it just seemed better to stay home and BBQ. Mr S. and I both have that cold that is going around, and I have a contractor on standby. I have a lot of prep work to get ready for him.

And hell, Sunday afternoon news is kinda funny right now.

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