Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funny observations about men.

I started out at a circuit board show today. I spent about 15 minutes there and ran over to the tool show they were having in the same building. I love industrial things. Especially giant industrial machines.

You can not imagine the tortured look men give when you walk up to a machine like this and ask what it does. I thought it was a water jet because of all the coolant sloshing around. And who doesn't think a water jet is the coolest thing on earth? You can see their whole thought bubble. Ooooh man. How am I going to explain this to a girl in dumbed down girl talk? You don't even have to get the questions right - as long as you are in the ballpark their whole disposition changes.  Okay, the girl knows what a water jet is - so I don't have to talk to her like a child. OMG you can see the relief.

Chicks are never interested in this stuff. And to their credit, men are super happy to share and explain stuff to you. Amazingly so. I never really understand why women feel so left out of the male world. Just be interested. It doesn't matter what sex you are. Gawd men love that. They almost vomit knowledge on you they are so happy.

When I go to car shows, they start trying to treat me like an equal. They want to share so much I have to dial them back. I'm not a gear head after all. I do enjoy that they don't seem to care if I'm a girl. If I'm interested, they treat me the same as if a man were interested. It does surprise me sometimes. Expecially with the hard core manly men.

I will have some good stuff for you tomorrow. Trade shows set my ADD on fire.


  1. There is a "car cruise" that happens every weekend near our place. All the local hot car owners park in the same lot, pop their hoods, and speak gearhead/speed lingo to one another for hours at a time. Whenever my husband and I go, I notice two things: 1) a LOT of the men are wearing military or defense-oriented t-shirts, and 2) the vast majority of the women are pretty (somewhat trim and well-groomed) if not actually hot.