Saturday, September 21, 2013

All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain

There is something I love about the imperfections of life. The original plan for today was to get breakfast, then go to Cupertino, and wind up at the Luna Park Chalk festival in San Jose mid afternoon. The art is more done by then. We got on the road about noon and it was balls out raining. Mr S I said - we better swing by Luna Park and see what their plan is. I was looking at the vapor loop last night and didn't think we would get much rain from this storm, but I knew those guys must be shitting their pants last night. I don't know how early the screevers have to set setting out their grids, but once the grids are gone - the game is over.

I hopped out and ran over to the first artist I could see if they were going to try and tough it out - but by that time it was obvious things were going downhill for this festival. I texted Mr S. who was circling the block - park the car. They are done. I started running around trying to get what I could. Everyone else was leaving, but honestly - I thought the rain was making things sort of beautiful in an impressionist-ey way. If you were lucky to be under a tent, you managed to have a little extra time. But after a while puddles started forming and the chalk started floating and running. I found it oddly pretty.

I wish I could have had more time. I wasn't sure any of these shots were going to come out it was raining so hard. I kept having to wipe off my lens. No one in the valley expected this. We did expect a little sprinkle, but I never in my whole life remember it raining in September. Sometimes we get late storms in July - but never September. There was no way to plan. Even the vapor loop didn't look like the storm had that much moisture.

Yes, I know it looks like this guy has a fist up his butt. I few minutes later this all was gone. It was the best I coudl do.

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