Thursday, September 05, 2013


It's an upside down world when the dems are marching to blow a bunch of shit up, and the Conservatives are...well...not. And you know the dems are serious because President Money Bags turned down an offer to make traffic in L.A. or wherever miserable. Even Barbara Boxer has signed onto this thing. WTF?

Listen - I was for Iraq on "humanitarian" reasons. There were reports of people being put into shredders. The No war for Oil crowd didn't seem to give one shit about any of this. There were horrible atrocities in Iraq. They just called us evil for stealing the resources of another country. Which we didn't even do! Now all of a sudden with Syria we are huge humanitarians.

The truth of the matter is - all you have to do to know what is going on in Syria is sub to a twitter feed on it. Watch all the video's. Or as many as your cold dead heart can take. I know we have a treaty about using gas, but from my perspective those people got the easy way out. There have been reports of torturing children for longer than I can remember. And I've seen at least two other times when it was suspected chem weapons were used. It's all on twitter! And honestly, gas seems to be the least painful way to go. Usually they blow your body into a million pieces and eat your heart! Seriously, a few months ago there were videos of some guy eating the hearts of the enemy.

I was all on board the humanitarian train - two years ago! Now, I'm off. The middle east is like some petulant pre-teen girl. No matter what you do they scream - you bought the purple pony. I wanted the PINK one, and I hate you forever! Then they try to blow some of our shit up. The question is - why is PMB all hot on this idea now?

And can we all agree with world would be a better place if someone threw John McCain into a volcano? Dear NSA - I don't need a visit. If you seriously think someone is going to carry John McCain up the side of a volcano with his arms stuck at right angles. It would be like carrying the stone man up a hill. It's the least logical threat on the planet.

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