Friday, September 20, 2013

Facts aren't facts if we deny them.

I have been without insurance about 50% of the time I've been alive. This gives me a different perspective on health care. Doctors love cash! So much so, they will cut the price in half usually. I've never been anywhere that didn't give you a significant cash discount. It's really frustrating because these discounts can be more than premium increases. But who cares. Obama!

It's unbelievable people are so divorced from health care costs - it's painful. I have insurance now, but whenever I have to use it I anxiously wait for the bill to see how much my insurance company had to pay. Even though I have awesome health coverage I always want to know how much it costs in case I have to go all cash again. These days, for some visits, they don't even tell you how much it would have cost if you if didn't have insurance. Which is breathtaking. It's also why the tards running this world think you can just add several million people to a health care system and not expect anything to happen. When you have no idea how much things cost, you can't practice thrift.

I hope Canada and the UK are happy. I mostly think this is their fault. The incessant years of how can you be a civilised nation and not provide health care for everyone. All the while they were laughing at us. Oh, it'd be so funny if the US did that. Those idiots know how our health care system works. Right?

Well... it will be funny. Just not in the way everyone thought.


  1. The thing about Canada is that they implemented universal healthcare many years ago when the population was even smaller than it is now (35 million). I don't see how it can be implemented in a country of over 300 million souls. Just the thought of the bureacracy is scary.