Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ADD has ruined me for today.

Starting next week - for the next month I'm going to be pretty busy with tech stuff. Hopefully that means I will have some good stuff for the blog. However, unless you are new - you know how this blog goes. It could just all result in rage from stuff sucking.

Winter is also coming pretty fast in California. All of the trees are dropping leaves like it's the middle of October. I'm trying to get the end of year projects wrapped up before it hits.

When I get so much stuff going on, my ADD lights up like a Christmas tree which basically turns me into a retarded monkey. It's like pulling data out of a lake with a straw. But the lake is filled with Java chips. Sometimes the flow is fine - then all of a sudden a huge chip plugs the flow. Then I get derailed fairly easily. Which is what happened this morning.

I heard about this event called Wasteland Weekend in California City, California. This is a city I've never heard of so I plugged it onto Google. This of course sent me on a link voyage. When you read it's the third largest city in California, and I've never heard of it  - it gets your attention. Then I became pissed at real estate developers. Only to find out this didn't happen this decade, it happened 50 years ago.

Even 50 years ago, they thought it was a great idea to create a waterfall in the desert. Which somehow made me feel better about today. It shouldn't - but look at this shit!

Then I got stuck on this building with a dragon wrapped around it in Thailand. You see how this is going... right?

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