Friday, April 18, 2008

Your Saturday morning reading.

About 4:30, after I'd been working at the house all day - Mr S. informed me that one of the Indy films we wanted to see was playing tonight. And... it was the only showing. Fuck!

So I showered, and off we went.

I knew by being able to find a parking spot immediately - this film was not going to be packed.

We get into the theater. They don't even check our tickets. We walk right in. Oooh.. that's a bad sign I think. We find some seats. We are the only ones in the row.

Just before the film starts a group of five people sit right next to us. I immediately look at Mr. S and ask him "what the fuck"? "They couldn't find any other seats, than right beside us"? He leans over and whispers "do you want to move over a seat so we can have a buffer"? You bet I do!

The lights dim. The movie starts, and I see the guy sitting one seat away gesturing to people in the isle on the right. Mind you... we are about eight seats on the left side of the theatre. The new people make us move so they can join their friends. The whole group moved down to fill up the empty buffer space we'd made.

At this point I'm irritated. There are six rows of seats in front of us, and I see a grand total of 4 people sitting them. I look to the row in back of me, and it's completely empty. There was obviously no way to get to their friends besides making us to move. The place was packed after all. By the time the film started there are probably 40 people in the theater total. I'm not exaggerating.

We wind up moving over to an isolated row of seats to get away from these people.

The movie however was actually enjoyable. I would give you a clip, but somehow in this age of technology the film site doesn't have one. It was called Broke Sky. You should click the link, and read the story line.

It was a little Fargo-ish.

It is unfortunate they haven't done a better job of marketing it. Because, it wasn't bad. Even though there were no gay coyboys eating pudding.

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