Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When its static-y - it's super static-y.

Today was a duffer. I think I'm still on track for being done-ish at the end of the week. But I'm going to have to do double time tomorrow to make up for what I didn't get done today.

The big issue today was this pane of glass. Apparently Alpha contractor and I have some big issues about doors. From the day he started - he's wanted me to rip this window area out when I replaced the door.

I am not exaggerating. We've probably had like 50 discussions about it. He thought I should just get a door with a new "light"(window). I've been fighting him tooth and nail.

The funny thing is when we first bought the house I hated this window. But, as we tore stuff out - it grew on me. As each week passed I was more and more resistant to rip it out. It is kitchy and Miami retro in a way. And ultimately.. I would guess its a pretty expensive pane of glass. I seems a shame to rip it out. I also feel a little nostalgic about it. It is one of the few original items from the house.

The problem has been that Alpha contractor wanted a pre-hung door. Not just because it's easier, but the weather stripping is modern. And it would just be a bunch of work to get a non pre-hung door to fit in the space. So maybe it is because its easier.

With time running out. I had to go shopping with him today to find a door. So, most of today involved:

Him - They don't have any doors that are the right size. You should rip that window out.

Me - what if we did "this" - or "that".

Him - well.... the problem with that is...

Finding doors sucks ass. Most doors have one of those moon windows. And of the ones I did find attractive, 80% of those are made of steel. Which brought on a whole other set of static from him.

Him - Snarkolepsy. Steel doors suck. If they get dinged, there isn't anything you can do to fix them, and they look like crap. If you bought a house with a steel doors you'd be pissed.

Which actually is true. But annoying.

As a side note: Alpha contractor exemplifies all the things I hate in shoppers. He walks slow. I had to turn my pace down by 2/3ds. He leaves his cart in the middle of the isles. If I didn't know him, I'd want to beat the crap out of him.

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