Monday, April 28, 2008


Brokers tour is Thursday. This is where all the agents come to see your place. I've learned you bribe them with food to get them there. Mr S. and I had a big discussion about this, because I couldn't believe it was that simple. He said that if you offer someone 5 bucks to come to your house, they probably won't come. But offer them food costing 5 bucks - most people will show up.

Today I got my final inspection on the kitchen. Which always sends me in knots for a few days. I've never had a problem on any of my inspections, but all the contractors poke me with stories of what "might" happen. When the inspector showed up, I went into a panic. He had a hard-ass vibe, and he was one I hadn't met. He made sure all my fire alarms were in, and complained that we should have called for a framing inspection for the electricity. Even though everything was "like for like". But, the kitchen passed. Which is all that matters.

Mr S. got into my head this weekend that the house was loosing its curb appeal. So, I tried to fix that problem today. Which turns out was a good thing. My agent friend was over later in the day, and she said she'd already been getting calls on the place. I know it doesn't mean anything yet, but since my "coming soon" sign has only been up a few days I was happy it has been getting attention. I'm not even in the MLS yet.

Pictures.. very... very soon.

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