Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still not over it.

I'm still in a funk.

But, I'm getting mildy excited about the months events. The indy film fest. Where I go and pretend to be a photographer. And try to pick out the mildly famous people. Here and here.

This year we decided to actually get a film pass, as the films were less "indy" than we expected last year. They were actually watchable.

I just ordered weekend passes for Maker Faire. Eeek. Okay.. now I'm a little excited.

There are some robot shows coming up. The only thing that could make the summer better is some new exciting technology. But for now, I'll have to take all the suggestions I got for backups, and make a trip to Fry's. Thanks Dave and Warrior Knitter.

Wow.. its been a million years since I've been to the Fry's playground. Makes me all weepy eyed. I miss technology. And the factory air that comes with them.


  1. If you buy something there, I'm looking forward to to photos of the (over) packaging. ;~)

  2. OH! I know! I can't wait to get back to ruining the earth posts. Unless....they've all shaped up and are packaging things without ruining the earth. That couldn't be.. right?

    It's always nice to see you around. You have wifi on that sailboat yet?

    It makes me happy you stuck around through the non techie posts.