Thursday, April 17, 2008

About last night.

Okay.. these are the rules. I am going to edit any post in which you use full names of these people. If you even know who they are. They were very nice - but the event was a total waste of time. I don't want a bunch of extra traffic because of what I'm going to say.

This is the time of year my burb - tries to transform itself into a small mountain film town. Some years are better than others. Last year had a couple of people I found interesting. This year was almost a total bust. The event was horribly run. Early on, we found it hard to buy tickets for the event because their website sucked so hard. I was super tired but got myself together to go to the pre-show. Once there, I was a little un-nerved by the sheer amount of bimbo's.

Which even now, I can't believe I'm saying. I have a really high threshold for bimbos. It isn't something I think normally bothers me. I mean.. I watch Rock of Love for christ sakes.

At any rate.. I didn't see anyone mildly famous. Only bimbos - so, I wanted to cut that place. We walked over to where the event was going to be. Found our seats, and start taking some test shots. I was immediately told by one of the ushers I couldn't take photos. Which annoyed me. That's the only reason I go to these things. Mr S. and I spent the next 15 minutes trying to figure out how to take some shots on the stealth. I turn the sound off on the camera. I also turn the flash and preview LCD off. Then we set to trying to figure out how to mask the shutter sound. Take shots while people are laughing maybe?

It was at this point they started playing one of the films. One I actually wanted to see. It was about that time they transferred from B&W tv to color television. The transfer took place before I was born - but I remember black and white tv's. It seemed like an interesting premise. At the time.

By the end of the film if I'd had something to bang my head against - I would have. It could have benefited from some very substantial editing. It was a documentary. But, all the actors said pretty much the same thing. Not even repackaged. Here's a consolidation. The world is going to hell. TV used to be a family event. These old shows were really good. The new shows suck.

At the end there was a question and answer segment where this guy went on an anti technology rant.

I was wanting to kill myself. The other people waiting to ask questions wanted to kill him. He was talking for a long time. So I started to tune out. Until he used the word "ethnics" to describe people. Which shocked me. This isn't the mid-West. It's Silicon Valley. Well, not quite the Valley. But pretty close.

Anyway - these are the shots I got.

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