Friday, April 25, 2008

A kindred spirit.

Today, I started getting back to the normal things in life. Like shopping. Which you all know I despise. Normally, I'm in such a rush - I immediately want to beat people in stores.. but for some reason today I was just a little zoned out.

Anyway.. there was this woman in the line behind me. I could hear and feel she was freaking out. She was figiting, and sighing. Which kind of brought a smile to my face. That is normally what I do.

Finally after a couple of minutes I turned around and said to her "you are doing what I normally do".

She replied " seething"?

I starting laughing and said "YES"!. Then apologised for laughing. But you have to understand - I meet so few people who hate shopping as much as I do. Especially women.

We chatted a bit about how busy she was, and that normally she was yelling for checkers to be added. Which made me in such awe of this woman. I normally just stare laser beams into peoples heads. I hate to be impolite. But this woman was unapologetic for her behaviour.

It was about this time another checker opened up an isle, and gestured her over. She looked at me and almost did a little jump. I swear to you, it was like she won the lottery. Which made me laugh.

As I was passing her walking out, I called back "you got so freakin lucky"!

She replied " I know - Have a good day"!

It is probably a pretty boring story, but I really enjoyed the interaction. Mainly because it made me feel normal. Mostly I feel like all other women love to shop, and I'm some freak who doesn't.

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