Saturday, April 12, 2008

It is going to be just like the old blog.


Random graffiti.

People pissing me off by driving slow. In the fast lane.

And mocking peoples bumper stickers.

This one only amused me because this person has to have giant balls. In San Fransisco there was so much commotion about the torch - they had to change the route. Then have a secret torch ceremony.

How many think this will be the last year for running the torch? And - how much does it cost to fly it around the world? It's a little like saying " I shit on your carbon footprint".


  1. Add to your upcoming list, State Fairs! Not too late to get started on that prize winning quilt!

    The reason this popped into my head is that I saw this Flickr photo set of the Chicago Quilt Festival.
    Some crazy mad quilts there!