Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm going to have to get all "caddyshack".

Last summer when I had the roof replaced on the house I live in - I tried to get my roofer to replace this eave vent. It had this hole when we moved into the house.

Since we'd lived here for a year already and no animals had been getting in, the hole was just unsightly. Anyway.. every house in my town apparently was built with non standard parts, and we couldn't find a vent screen that fit. So, that project went on the back burner. You know.. because I'm sitting around eating bon bons and crap.

Fast forward to about a month ago. About dawn, I'd gotten woken up to some scratching noises. At first Mr S. thought I might have finally fallen off the ledge. After a few mornings he finally heard the scratching too. For days we tried to diagnose the scratching as birds or rats. Then the problem went away. Whew - the hole went back on the back burner.

Till this morning. This time - louder. Way louder. It even woke up Mr S.

Which is a big deal. He can sleep through anything. We finally figure out it is a bird. Who is absconding with the new insulation I had put into the roof. It's one thing to wake me up.. but insulation is freaking expensive! I know he's not stealing much. But, let the little fucker get a job.

Anyway today - we set out to try and patch the hole. Of course - our 18 foot ladder doesn't work. The hole is right above a window. The ladder reaches 3/4's of the way to the hole, and not wanting to break the window. We didn't feel comfortable resting the ladder on it.

Our next solution was to put some wire on a pole and just poke it into the offending area. Which pretty much sucks as a solution.

But now I have to either rent a taller ladder. Or something. All I know, is I didn't want to do that today. I hope my wire patch works. I'm pretty skeptical. If there is anything I know from spending so much time with animals that only have two brain cells. It is they can outsmart a PHD. Which I'm not. But, I'm telling you they can. They have all day to prove to you what a dumb ass you are.

I swear there is some conspiracy to make sure I never get any rest. That whole thing actually took several hours to come up with. Why is everything a freaking puzzle at my place?


  1. Do you think that Alpha Contractor or one of his minions might let you borrow a longer ladder? Who was the one that gave you a present at Christmas? maybe you can ask them.

    Ew, though, animals in the rafters totally creeps me out!

  2. Yeah - they probably would. Right now I just don't want them at my house. I get to see enough of them at the other place.

    Today at breakfast we came up with the plan to take the screen out of the window. Open it, and put blankets over the frame and let the ladder poke through the open window.

    I still have to take down all my permanent midnight boxes. Which sucks. Maybe I should get back to that curtain project.

    The animals in the rafters creeps me out too! I think of them shitting up there. And I don't like that idea at all.