Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is a person to do?

The Canton house should be on brokers tour on Thursday. A week from tomorrow. This meant I needed to get someone to come in and get it all tidy. Basically, get rid of all the construction dust. Normally that is something I would do - but not this time.

Yesterday, on the block right next to the Canton house I noticed that one of the houses had a big sign in the front yard that read "Need work - will do housework and yard work".

I figured times are hard right now, and this person just lives a block over. What harm can be done? So today, I went by to jot down the number they had listed on the sign. It turns out the gal was in the front yard. So I asked her if she could come over and give me a quote for cleaning the house. She popped in my truck and over to the house I drove.

It was in that one block in talking to her that I realised she was a tweaker. She didn't seem like a bad person or weird. But she was that really rough looking, twitchy tweeker type. She was actually really nice. She brought me into her house so we could exchange numbers. And I actually wound up booking her for next week. But, at the time I thought.. if there is anything tweekers can do well. It's probably cleaning.

Then I started having second thoughts. After I dropped her off I whipped back to the house and asked Alpha contractor if he thought tweekers were trustworthy. To which he replied " I knew that girl was a tweeker the minute I saw her". This actually really surprised me. I couldn't really get him to give me a straight answer about the whole thing.

A little while later in the day, I finally said to Alpha contractor " I don't think I'm going to be able to hire that girl - and I don't know what to do. I can't tell her the reason is I think she's a tweeker". I'm just a little afraid she's going to rob me blind. If she had seemed like a previous tweeker, I could probably get past that. But she was a little twitchy for my comfort. Meaning I think she's an active tweeker.

Anyway.. Alpha contractor tells me "well... just tell her you already got someone to do it". Which was also surprising. He had just made a big stink about fibbing two days ago when we were talking about something else. Plus, don't forget. He is super religious! So I said " what are you talking about Alpha contractor - didn't you just have a cow about fibbing two days ago"? He just ignored me like he does, and said " tell her you have someone to do it. Tell her I'm doing it".

He isn't doing shit like that. Its a complete lie.

I still don't know what to do about this girl. I have trust issues, but I also think most people are generally good people. And.. I'd like my super religious contractor to stick to one set of rules so I'm not constantly confused. I still think he just makes shit up as he goes along. It's bothersome.


  1. Tweakers are good at cleaning, but they are even better at stealing. My advice is to take a drive down to Home Depot and see if anybody wants to help on the project, then once its cleaned up you can honestly tell her that you found someone else to do it, then tell her that you'll keep her number in case something comes up later. If you really want to help her you could try to talk her into getting therapy, but that could be an even more awkward conversation.

  2. That actually is a really good point. I'm betting they -are- better at stealing. I'm not so hot on the Home Depot thing. I have a friend who gets really good honest workers there... but I don't see too many men wanting to clean houses in that crowd.

    Since she was an older tweeker I'm guessing her "help by" date has expired.