Monday, April 28, 2008

Mental notes.

So.. while doing the Canton house there were many things I ran into that I didn't expect. One of them involved installing a black floor in the bathroom.

A couple of weeks ago Alpha contractor walked up to me and said "you are going to have to caulk around that toilet".

Me - Okay.

Him - Since the floor is black, you're going to need to find some black caulk.

Me - Do they even sell black caulk?

Him - Yeah.. but don't ask anyone in the store for it.

Me - Why? Ooooh.

Well.. I put that project off for a while, and now its time to make sure the inspectors don't flag that toilet for not being caulked. I tried to buy it from Amazon, but they don't have any quick shipping. And I obviously need it this week.

This morning Alpha contractor asked me if I'd found any yet. To which I had to tell him no, and ask politely if he could pick some up.

I don't know why adding the word black makes this whole thing funny. I could go anywhere and ask for caulk. But add the word black to it, and it makes everyone laugh.

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