Thursday, April 10, 2008

Canton house.

By all intensive purposes - the crapshack will be finished the end of next week. So, since I haven't come up with any funnier name - I'm just going to start calling the place by the road it lives on. It's not a crapshack anymore. It's house a house that looks like someone loved it.. and a house any new family should be happy to live in. I'll have pictures soon.

Alpha contractor and I have been getting along pretty good. It helps he's only been over at the house a couple of days a week. He has other work, and there just isn't enough stuff to keep him there. It will be oddly strange to be rid of him. For all the bitching I did about him.. I guess I grew to like him. I think he thinks I'm okay too. I mean - he lets me use his tools. I guess in a guy way, that says I'm okay.

I also wound up taking a picture of the alpha contractor truck. So you can tell when a contractor thinks he's the biggest dog on the block.

Mind you - the garage is a two car garage, and the back of that white car to the right of the photo is a standard sized minivan. Yeah - he thinks he's bad ass.


  1. looking forward to the picture tour of the canton house. I'm amazed at how much work you've put in! It's quite a skill to know how to make a house "go." :)

  2. Well, crap! How many tires does that monster have?!?

  3. Just 4. That is a dump trailer on the other side. But those tires come up to my hip.

    Mr S. and I joke sometimes about getting an Alpha female contractor truck. But we've decided it may be better to get something with treads. You don't have to have the biggest truck. If you can run over the other trucks. Right?