Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanging on.

I know this is shocking. But today sucked. The house is going to fight me every single bit of the way.

I got to the house this morning, and found out that Alpha contractor had broken up with his wife. Again. Do I really need to say anything more past this point?

You know - one breakup I can be sympathetic about. But FUCK.. two breakups, I just can't get all worked up about. Have a mental breakdown on your own time.

I'm having an issue with painters again. I need all the mouldings and baseboards painted. I swear they must be on speed dial with Alpha contractors wife, because much like women and their menstrual cycles syncing up - I seem to have problems with these people all that the same time.

Today I found out the way to get realtor's to come see your house apparently is to offer them food. Yep... that's the big secret. My agent friend was talking about catering some event. When I asked her what all that was about. She told me it was an open house. She said some realtor's just look through realtor day listings and only go to view the houses that list food being there. I'm not shitting you.

Tomorrow is granite day. I'm starting out with low expectations.

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  1. Hey! That's how we get people to come to our PTA meetings. They won't show up to win gas cards, but if there's pizza we have a full house.