Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pretty on the Outside.

I've been in a generalized funk - which I will probably talk about soon.

For right now I'm posting these pictures of the new DiNovo Edge Keyboard we just got. If you buy one though - get it through They are 30 bucks cheaper.

No product review yet - but it looks super cool. The packaging is almost as nice as the product.

It comes with a cleaning cloth - which I found funny.

Look at how thin this thing is!


  1. Yes, but can it take on a 14 ounce coffee and survive!?!?!
    I'm actually amazed my keyboard still functions. Though, based on my mad typing and spelling
    skillzzz, some might think it's broken.

  2. Um....NOoooo! You know this thing is made from tissue paper.

    In about a week I am going to be bitching that I sneezed - and one of the keys flew off.

    But.... it's .... soooo.... thin....


  3. Keyboard vs. Coffee. Coffe might have the last laugh at my house. It seems that ants have found the motherload **IN** my keboard.
    The Librarian just laughed when I asked her what I should do.