Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Week in Review.

Last week was downright exhausting. My roof is fantastic BTW, but it didn't come without taking a toll on my reserve nerve. My greatest wish is that I can get through one contractor project without being completely fed up.

Up until Thursday, it was just standard contractor baby-sitting issues. Then -everything went sideways.

The master bedroom in this house is up on the second floor. Which means there are downspouts from the second floor roof - which takes water from the second floor onto the first floor roof. But they hadn't stuck on part of the first floor roof. One of the guys was up on the second floor roof hosing it down. Causing water to pour into the garage. That was my first freak-out.

Then that evening I'd noticed that the remaining worker had started peeing on the side of the house. I'm not going to pretend I don't know this stuff happens. Not crazy about it. But the workers are on-site all day, and they aren't going to jump in their car and go to a bathroom. I just don't want to know about it. So - I talked to my roofer.

Me - you need to talk to your guy and tell him to stop peeing on the side of my house.
Him - He's not peeing on the side of the house. He knows not to do that.
Me - He is peeing on the side of my house. He picked the only area in my yard that doesn't get any water. And besides, it is directly in a corner, so it is really obvious.

The next day I walk out there and wouldn't you know it. He had done it again. I go to talk to my roofer again.

Me - did you talk to your guy?

Him - Mrs. Snarkolepsy, he isn't peeing on the side of your house.
Me- yes he f-ing is.

Him - show me. Then he screams "hey worker - stop peeing on the side of the house".

The worker immediately starts to deny it, and act like he doesn't understand what I'm talking about. This causes me to freak and start confronting the guy directly. "Look worker", I say - "don't try to act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Stop using my house like a bathroom". At this point my agro level is on supernova.

I'm still not sure why guys are so confused why stuff like this pisses women off.


  1. I'm telling ya, the de Gallo's are going to Hawaii in August, you want to tag along?

    And the pissing worker. Squirt him with the hose. Unfortunately though, you have to catch him in the act.

  2. "I'm telling ya, the de Gallo's are going to Hawaii in August, you want to tag along?"

    Sarge doesn't even like people. We are people. Seriously though.. you gonna have a stop in San Fran?

  3. Regarding the hose tactic: you only have to catch him in the act if you want him to learn not to do it. Otherwise, it's just good ol' plain fun!