Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How I'm ruining the earth - Part II

Part I here.

I think I might be starting to have an issue with the new "direct to customer" trend.

Obviously - the big beneficiary is the big box store who doesn't have to deal with as many inventory issues. But this just moves the inventory burden onto the retailer, and the customer. For example:

A few weeks ago I special ordered some curtain rods. I thought I would pick them up at the store when they came in, but they were directly shipped to my house. From Canada.

As you can see. They aren't very special. Just very minimal rods. All that stuff to the right is just packing material.

Waiting the two weeks to get them wasn't that much of a big deal because I was busy with other stuff. But - I was suppose to get two rods, not one as shown above. It took another two weeks to get the rest of my order.

Now mind you.. it has taken me a month to get some very uninspiring curtain rods. I only liked them because they fit as close to the wall as possible so I can make my bedroom into permanent midnight.

And now... I have yet even more packing material. See that little tiny circle? That is my curtain rod.

I mean - all this has to be hurting the retailer, right? I just can't be the only one this happens to. Can I?


  1. So not so much with the food as packing material idea?

  2. No.... not so much. Besides.. I don't know anything Canadians make that would be super yummy. At least at the last multi-cultural food sharing party I was at - the Canadian guy only brought his camera.

    I think they make all the same things we do.. but then why have it shipped from Canada?

    It's funny you remembered that.

  3. "It's funny you remembered that."
    Because I have no life outside my own home.

    And since I know you like Robots:

    Yeah, it's getting a little stalkerrific in here. Just kidding. Really.