Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Calm - for now.

I think it is going to be a good day. I didn't have to get up early, only to have my contractors not show up. If they knew what an insomniac I was, they would think twice before booking a time and not being able to make it.

Truthfully, I'm pretty laid back, because I don't care what f-ing time they show up. Just don't make me wait around all day, and not turn up.

In the end my contractors man-ed up, and actually made me happy. I even wound up tipping them a little, but not as much as I would have if they hadn't become a problem.

They even offered to throw in a free side job to make up for the problems. I declined, but I appreciated the offer.

The whole paint thing was a several week long ordeal, and I'm happy to have it over. It took so long because I live next to "little pink houses", and "holy shit that yellow is burning my eyes". You think I'm joking.

I had neighbor after neighbor stop to talk to us and make comments about those two houses. They all expressed relief we were going to choose normal colors that fit into the neighborhood.

Who paints their house pink anyway? I know people have the right to paint their houses any color they want, but come on people. The yellow house bled off onto our house so dramatically, that we couldn't use anything that had the smallest hint of yellow. Like most tan colors. It also made it so some colors would look nice on a normal block, but combined with those two houses would look like Easter egg alley. I think in the end we had 20 colors up on the house. I'm sure it messed with the neighbors heads. It was like a large impressionist painting.

We eventually wound up with tortilla color, off white trim, and a navy blue accent. Oddly, it tones down our side of the yellow house, and makes it look like a completely normal color of yellow.

So - I get a couple of days of not be on tilt. I can go into the weekend being relaxed. Mostly.

Next week I have roofers in. An expense I would have loved to put off for a few months, but nature has its own time line. The extreme drought has caused high winds to whip up every single day.

I have a wood shingle roof.

Last year I was watching water plane drops from the balcony. Not only that.. people in my neighborhood seem to think shooting marine flares for the Fourth of July is good clean fun. It makes a home-owner like me terrified.

At least my roofer has been with me through 5 projects. Unless he's gone mental, everything should be fine.


  1. When we moved in, the previous owners had painted every internal surface with satin-sheen snot yellow paint. It was disgusting, and we couldn't change it fast enough. Luckily, our neighbors have normal colors on the outsides of their homes.

  2. You know I'm still pissed that you have Maker this weekend.
    I'm stuck with the AIR SHOW!!! WOOO!!!! Thunderbirds buzzing my house at 5PM. ALL. WEEKEND. LONG.
    I'm glad your painting deal is going well, finally.

  3. "I'm stuck with the AIR SHOW!!!"

    You know.. I could go for an air show. Not flying over my house.. because I used to live very close to an airport and it pissed me off.

    But when Moffett Field was still open, they would have the Blue Angels fly over many of the techie companies in Mountainview. And it was -very- cool.

    I am super excited about Maker though. I even have the right weekend and all!

    Oh yeah - where is my damn mothers day story already?

  4. Moniker - was it old people?

    There has to be some reason. Right?

    I love crazy colors.. but when I move - I at least have the decency to paint everything white or off white.