Sunday, May 20, 2007

What the hell is up with blogger?

Now you have to type in word verification to publish a post? Ridiculous.

Not only that.. I have to re-post my Maker Faire entries because posts with pictures refuse to enable comments. Apparently posts that have been published with text first - seem okay.

I hope I don't have to bail to one of's competitors.

A lot of the people I read seem to be bailing blogger. They just seem to be making it more and more inconvenient to manage blogs on their site.

Maker Faire series will be re-posted. Apparently the workaround for comments with images is to post a text only entry. Publish. Then go back and add your pictures.


  1. That's weird. I posted today with pictures. No word verification, and my comments stayed up.
    Lame for you though.

  2. Huh.. look at that!

    I've been tagged as a spam blog:

    Doesn't answer why I'm having a problem with comments. Which is probably part of the reason I got flagged.

    Thanks MDG - you are always helpful!