Monday, May 28, 2007

Not Crime Free After All.

Dear Readers... it has been a really hard week. I will give a re-cap soon.

I'd hoped to have a fairly relaxing weekend. The only thing I really wanted to do is get landscaping bark off one side of the driveway, so we could stop parking one of the cars on the street. Saturday we spent a good deal of the day doing that.

I figured the rest of the weekend we would grow ass-roots.

We thought about going to a BBQ today, but Mr Snarkolepsy and I both have the Maker Faire plague. Since my husbands friends have fairly young children, we felt it wasn't a great idea to pass along our germs. But I digress.

Anyway, so far it has been anything but a relaxing weekend.

Yesterday morning I wake up. Stumble into the kitchen to get coffee, and look out my front window. Even in my non caffeinated state I notice the car that is still parked on the street - is covered with something. From the house it looks like spray paint.

I immediately run out there, and find it is some kind of dust. It sort of looks like cake mix, and is sparkly like snow. My first thought was - it's something that when mixed with water is going to eat the paint. So, I gather some up to see what happens when water is added to it.

It doesn't seem to react to water, but causes a oil slick to form. Still unsure what the substance is - I did one of the least bright moves ever. I tasted some. When it turned out really salty and not sweet like cake mix - I started to wonder if I had just poisoned myself. Since you are reading this..I obviously survived.

It all did manage to wash off. Which is a huge relief. Even though dust streams out of the window cracks when you drive. But still super irritating. Especially since this is the second time we have been hit. Two weeks after we moved into this house, a few cars on the street were egged including us. A car also had it's window broken out, but they live closer to a kid block. I didn't think much about it at the time.

We have become pretty close to the neighbors, and yesterday they told my husband that this kind of stuff doesn't happen often on our block. But it does happen. They've had tires slashed. Their house paint balled, and a licence plate stolen which wound up in San Fransisco.

After the egging they told us they had their garage broken into. But I thought it was "just one of those things" that happens sometimes. The thing is - this is not a bad neighborhood.

So - we decided to put up a security system. Which is sort of a bummer for me. We somehow have to figure out how to blend the security cams so the place doesn't look like a prison. Of all the houses to vandalise...hitting ours was the least smart, because we are the most likely to put a camera system.

The system we chose was from Luk Werks. Mainly because we had seen them at CES, and I was pretty impressed at the time. Hopefully it will do what we need it to do.

It might be nice if since the cops are ticketing people for parking too far away from the curb, they might send some extra f-ing patrols around.

Oh - did I mention how super thrilled I am to have an add-on project? Setting up the system should eat a weekend.

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