Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Today's Really Lame Story.

See video from wibw.com.

A mysterious four-foot robot that prompted police to shut down an area around a Curtis State Office Building on the Capitol grounds in Topeka has not been found to be a hazard.

Kansas Highway Patrol Lieutenant John Eichkorn says maintenance workers notified authorities about the robot Tuesday morning because no one received permission to display it.

A completely valid reason to bring out the bomb squad. Right? I mean...we all know the best way to blow things up - is to create a somewhat detailed robot.

This is shades of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Meaning - totally ridiculous. It doesn't even have a digital countdown clock like on 24.


  1. Someone was clearly looking for an excuse to call in the bomb squad. Great story for the kiddies at the dinner table.

  2. I'm betting you are right.

    Because I just can't imagine as a nation we have become so pussified that the bomb squad needs to be called every time "something" with wires is found.

    I'm still living 21st century right?

    Almost everything has wires these days. And I personally loath being blown up...but there isn't a single thing that makes me think this thing is going to explode.