Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sometimes just saying "I'm working on it" means everything.

Since I'm trying to be better about making entries where I'm not irritated, I thought I'd give an update on my neighbor situation.

Two days ago our neighbor came over. The one from "you suck" fame. He wanted to talk about the dog. Which was really surprising - because, well... you know how neighbor things go.

He started off on a good footing by waiting to be invited in before stepping into our house. Something that pissed me off when he came over last time. Point #1. Okay, maybe that was point #2, because just having the balls to address the problem meant a lot to us.

Last week, as soon as my husband opened the door he walked right in.

Half the time I walk around with shorts that barely cover my ass. Being the modest girl I am....it made me happy that he understands you just don't walk into someone's house until they wave you in.

We all talked for a good while, and he apologized about the dog, and said he felt embarrassed. What... what... what? Maybe I was wrong to feel like a chump for taking care of his dog.

The funny thing was... apparently the dog had gotten out between the time we complained, and when the neighbor came over.

Someone else had tied the dog up in his front yard. I think he assumed it was us. Which is wasn't. Even thought we definitely had thought about it.

Either the dog didn't manage to make it into our backyard, or when we forgot to close our gate from having painters here - the dog climbed the fence and just walked right out into the neighborhood.

At any rate.. the neighbor rage-o-meter has been turned back significantly.

Minor add-on rant: Why is it that when people know you do "something" in computers all of a sudden you become tech support for them? My poor husband now can add the neighbor to the long list of people who need things fixed. We generally don't mind helping, but fixing computer problems for people is a little like taking home stray cats. They keep wanting you to feed them.


  1. Don't you just hate it when the "Rage-o-meter" (tm) has to be turned down because the focus of said rage has the gall to feel bad?

    I'd just rather seethe in my own juices.

    I hear you on the shorty shorts. I'm more of the no bra kind of gal. No bra and out of control nipples, I'm always pointing at people. I tell Sarge that I hope people at the gym are not getting the wrong idea. It's not that I'm excited, it's just that they have yet to make a sports bra in my price range that can contain the nips.

    Ok, again, too much information.

  2. "Don't you just hate it when the "Rage-o-meter" (tm) has to be turned down because the focus of said rage has the gall to feel bad?"

    Oh yeah. Those bastards! Seriously though. I have plenty of people to be pissed at. My husband and I had the following conversation a couple of days ago:

    Me- do you think they have lines in hell. Cause you know I'm going to hell.

    Mr. Snarkolepsy - Oh yeah... they have lines. And they are all manned by old people. That would be your perfect hell.

    "No bra and out of control nipples"

    That should get me some traffic.
    ;-) Or at least increase traffic on your site. Because you just can't help getting a visual. I've got a similar issue, but I'll just stop at the word contain.