Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Comcast Battle Rages On.

About a week ago Tivo stopped recording some of our premium cable channels - like Showtime.

The first sign that something was wrong was when "Penn & Teller's Bullshit" failed to record. But we wrote it off as a glitch, and told Tivo to re-record the next showing. But when that failed too, we started to try and figure out what was going on. We flip over to Showtime and realize we are getting a cable card error and no picture. This of course results in us needing to call Comcast tech support. I can hear you regular readers gasping. No I didn't freak out. Yet.

As many of you probably guessed - we were not able to fix the problem on the phone, and an on-site service visit was scheduled. Still no freak out. We called on a Monday and the tech was supposed to come out today (Thursday).

Okay.. here comes the irritating part. Yesterday, my husband emails me this link from the Tivo forums. Apparently a ton of people in the Bay Area are having the same problem. We are all in a 50 mile radius. You'd think our support people might have gotten the news of the problem. At any rate.. I think "there is no way I'm calling Comcast again - I've already talked to them this month".

My husband and I debate whether we are going to let the tech come, or sit on hold for however long it takes to get support to fix the problem. Because it doesn't require a tech to come out at all. Neither solution seemed great. Some people on the Tivo forum have had support come out up to seven times. They don't bring the right cards, or not enough cards. On the flip side, people have had to call support back many times too.

Being the calm person he is.. my husbands decides to call. He walks the support person through getting the box to work. And he gets them to give us one week's credit for the time we have been without our channels. It was effortless. Amazing in fact. Even though I was still a little irritated that we have to walk a company through fixing our problem.

When he got off the phone I asked Mr Snarkolepsy how I got so lucky to have such a patient husband?

Him - Process of elimination.

Me - What?!

Him - A man who wasn't patient wouldn't marry you.

Me - What does that mean?

Him - You made all your boyfriends jump thru hoops, and were always giving them little tests. Most guys would have given up, so by default any man who passes all your tests would have to be patient.

Me- Well, maybe I wouldn't have married them.

Him - Yeah.. that's just another way of saying it.

Me - Shut up!

Me - Comcast was lucky to not get your "don't fuck with me" voice. How come you didn't yell at them?

Him - This was just another way to get them to do what I wanted. It was a "win/win".

Me- But Babe, its suppose to be a "when/when". When do I get to yell at them?

For the record - I never wind up yelling at anyone. Except inside my head.


  1. We're moving house right now, and I'm dreading calling Comcast to come change out our cable. I will be happy if I find out that ButtCrack tech will not have to be in my living room.

    I swear, I always send Sarge to the housing office because he always gets what he wants. Usually they make people move within a week, but he got the guy to give us 18 days, and more if we need it. I think it's the calm relaxed manner that throws people off guard. I'm sure that the tools at the housing office, and people at Comcast are used to getting their a$$es chewed out, so if someone is calm and easygoing they just want to keep them happy.

    But, Sarge has a "Don't F with me voice as well". I've never heard it, but I'm sure it will make you poop your pants.

  2. "We're moving house right now"

    What - what - what?

    Witness relocation - already?

    I'd be more witty, but I just got from the vet. (eye roll)

    AND I have to go shopping. At the mall. I bet you know how that will work out. Why do they stick normal stores at the mall now?