Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cute - or Creepy?

I'm not sure my girl is an attractive yawner. Usually - trying to capture any bunny tongue is cute. With Saffron - maybe not so much. You can admit it.

Links: Here, and here.


  1. Yeaaaaah....Sorry, but not going to end up on CO anytime soon. Scary Overload maybe. She sure looks nice and fluffy though.

  2. Moniker - yeah.. I can kind of see that.

    MDG - oh - wait till she nips you.. then we'll talk about scary.

    You guys are right. She does look kind of scary. I used to think it was a little cute - now I realize I was just delusional.

  3. Ok... first off that is SUPER cute. Second... I had to continue my fox news rant with you. About this damn volcano. NOT A WORD about it, because god forbid that they interupt their predictions for American Idol and reading aloud bloggers writing about it. I actually also so it on the weather channel, which we actually like to watch (storm stories and all). But then again we watch the history and discovery channels for hours on end. I don't like my TV watered down for a first grader.

    OK.... end of long pointless rant, sorry!

  4. Thanks for the vote for cute - First Year!

    Just a continuation of the rant:

    10:30 last night. Flip over to the Weather Channel. I get 30 seconds of major devastation. 80 miles of damage. A town called Greenville - reports of it pretty much being wiped off the map.

    Then wouldn't you f-ing know it - they went back to their pre-recorded "Greatest Weather Stories".

    Um... it looks like we are having a greatest weather moment - right... now. How about actually reporting on that?

    I didn't even know what state was affected because they had the graphic pulled so far in - I couldn't see the major cities.

    Went to all the major news outlets, and they were all running their pre-recorded personality shows.

    What does it take to f-ing get someone to actually give you some news? I mean - I thought it was sort of a big deal. But what do I know. Just pisses me off.