Thursday, May 17, 2007

Somehow I've become.....

The unofficial ambassador for breast reduction.

Women always talk about their boobs right? At least all my girlfriends have. So - how is it I missed so many women being tortured by being big breasted? I thought everyone wants to have ginormous boobs.

At first I was embarrassed to admit I was joining the plastic surgery masses. But it wasn't until I did, that I started to realise how many women really want to have a reduction. Even though they know full well my Dr. wants to take half. These are some serious women.

I even heard envy in my mother-in-laws voice when I told her I was thinking about having it done.

One thing is sure.. my breasts have taken on a life of their own. Which is saying a lot. My nickname for a very long time was "breast". I've never had so many people feel so comfortable asking questions and talking about them.

People seem more anxious for me to have the surgery than I am. Though it is becoming clear the reason is - they either want the surgery, or know someone who does. They want to be able to ask questions. This is something that was completely unexpected.

Who could have known?


  1. I wish you the best in haggling with your doctor for that 1/4 difference of opinion.

  2. Thanks!

    The ridiculous thing is I always looked at women with a B or C and thought that would be fabulous.

    But somehow your identity wants to hold onto - sorta big. So I'm having a hard time with it.

    My back will probably side with my Dr., and my brain will have some sort of freaky depression.

  3. Hey thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I'm not sure I'd have the guts to do breast reduction, though I'd sure like to be smaller. I've lost weight over the last 18 months or so (gone down two dress sizes) but the boobs are pretty much the same (ok so instead of being a double D, now I'm just a D).

    And someone told me that the boobs were the first thing to shrink when you lose weight. ha!