Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Neighbor - you now officially suck.

The first 4 times your dog climbed the fence and got into my backyard I found it amusing. Now I'm sort of pissed.

It wouldn't be so bad if your dog didn't bark incessantly while it is waiting for you to get back from where ever you are - to take it home. Which by the way - probably makes us look like an asshole to some of our other neighbors.

I can't tell you how much it sucks that we have to babysit your dog. Needing to tie the dog up so it doesn't run the backyard non-stop trying to get out. Or - feel guilty that if I don't tie it up, your dog will get into the street. Get hit, stolen, or taken to the pound. Its okay. Cleaning up dog shit is our thanks.

Never mind that I had this crazy fantasy that I would let my own pets play - in my own yard. But never have - because I'm not sure when your hunting dog will come over.

Or that we are forced into a conflict because we need to tell you that after the dog has gotten into the yard 5 times - the novelty is wearing off, and we are feeling less neighborly.

Somehow you never know how the dog is getting out. Despite me telling you exactly how and where the dog is climbing the fence.

Oddly - lots of our other neighbors have dogs, and seem to know how to keep them in their own yards. But you dear neighbor are completely incapable of this. Thanks - we appreciate it.


  1. HA ha, this made me smile, I'm not the only one with a wacko neighbor, the dog looks cute though

  2. Welcome to the world of sucky neighbors!!!
    Some people just don't know how to manage their pets (I'm included, because I just yelled out the window for my dog to SHUT UP!!). You should tell your neighbor that if it continues you are going to call the Humaine Society. If it gets in your yard, they'll come, pick up the dog, and leave notes and tickets for the owner. Then he'll have to go to the pound and get the dog, and probably pay some hefty fines. It's not like the dog will get hurt, or lost, and it will greatly inconvenience the neighbor.
    Inconsiderate f***er. oops.

  3. I just thought of this today.
    You neighbor might be a sucky pet owner, but at least you don't have to worry abou him being a vampire.
    Seeing as how he walked into your house uninvited.
    I don't know why I was thinking about this today. Maybe because I was making a dark as night bedroom.