Friday, July 01, 2011

Maybe it is finally percolating down.

Today I went to pick up some stuff for the holiday in the town next to me. As the checker was going through my stuff - he made small talk by saying he was coming to my house.

Me - well, it's not going to be as fun. My town cut their fireworks this year.

Him - Why?

Me - budget cuts!

Then something magical happened that you never see in California - this guy became all spun up. Young guy.

You mean they are spending all that money on that fountain, and they can't pay for fireworks! They've had to fix it like six times!

I made a guess of the one he was talking about, but I hadn't heard anyone else complaining. And I didn't want to hold up his line by asking him which fountain it was.

He also went on to complain about our city putting in these expensive faucets in a public restroom that keeps getting stolen at two grand a pop.

He started to touch the firefighters. And even though I'd have died to talk to him for a few minutes - I really hate holding up other people. So the conversation became fragmented quickly. All I can feel is their laser beam eyes on me. Cause that is what I'd do.

Still... I walked away kinda feeling happy. Like people were finally starting to "get it". All the way down to the video game checkout dude. Hell yeah he's a gamer.

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