Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Misery Index quietly hits highest level since 1983.

Honestly, I have no opinion about the debt ceiling. I think we are effed either way. Raising the debt ceiling will cause interest rates to rise. As will not raising it. President Money Bags has backed us into a lose-lose corner. It is sort of "his thing". Make it hard for people to escape from whatever shit you are proposing today.

The thing I do find interesting however - the miseryindex. When I saw it last week, I said to myself - self, that is quite a lot of inflation you have there mister president.

Other presidents have had higher inflation readings. But they also had much lower unemployment readings. People could much more easily absorb inflation.

With the dollar sagging - we know that gas will rise. As will all products transported by gas. Inflation will rise. Unemployment will also rise. Large scale layoffs have accelerated the past month. This is not the Borders,Cisco, RIMMS. It is banks, health services, wireless seems to be getting hit especially hard.

Obviously government is also being hit - but that needs to happen.

A few weeks ago Mr S. and I were talking about something when he said "the best way to make a die hard liberal turn into a hardcore conservative is to toss them out of their cushy government jobs".

I was so stunned, I turned to him and said - what?

Yeah, haven't you noticed all these really hardcore conservatives that used to work for government. Once you make them one of us, and not one of them - their attitude changes.

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