Friday, July 08, 2011

I don't want to hear you tell me - everything is wonderful now.

I have to admit, when the jobs numbers came out yesterday - the only thing that kept running through my head was that song Wonderful from Everclear.

Although I started to wonder if I was suffering from being overly pessimistic. Maybe we were having a slight summer tick up. Despite my uncontrollable fear of the October layoff cycle. But maybe we would have a few weeks of good news.

The other thing that was running though my head were the words of Newt Gingrich. Obama is going to be really tough to beat. Which I think is complete bullshit. Then I started fantasizing about being their PR spokesman. Because I'd have this shit on an infinite loop.

I mean seriously? Only pussfied Republicans would be having angina on how to beat President Money Bags. I'd pull almost everything he said from his first two years in office. It's all you need.

I also find it fascinating the PMB's current buzzword is confidence. When he's done everything in his power to create uncertainty. It was then I realized that all you had to do to destroy a country to to keep changing the rules faster than people can adjust. Now there is so much uncertainty everyone is closet terrified. Well, anyone that owns anything.

Take for instance that crapshack I was talking about last week. We will call it the Darwin crapshack. Because it isn't mine and it's the street it resides on.

Last week, we thought that flipper could eek out a small profit. He had to've stuck a 100 grand into that house. Windows, floors, new stucco which was cracked to shit. Bathrooms, kitchen. Everything. And it was a big house.

This week I think he can't make a profit at all. Why? The government just changed the jumbo mortgage rules. In California this is a much bigger deal. That guy was listing the house right at the current max. Which most likely means he will not get that price. With closing costs, a buyer is going to want to be well under the cap.

So each time the government changes the rules - people like me think it's not worth it again.

Additionally, PMB has made things so much worse. There are some seriously shitty things lurking out there. And no one knows how bad things are going to get. The very nature of uncertainty.

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