Thursday, July 07, 2011

I wish I could ban my in laws from sending anything with the words "forward" in it.


  1. If used Mozilla's Thunderbird or Microsoft's Outlook to manage your email, you could do this exact thing.

  2. Oh does it? You still get email from them, just not forwarded stuff?

    I stopped using outlook when I started shredding disks. Backup was a bitch. It's the one good thing comcast does. Mail backup. It's always there. I have prehistoric mail. I just have a whole old timey document thing.

    You never quite realize how terrified old people are of everything trying to kill them, until you have older parents. They are afraid of everything. And it's worse than spam, because you can't just ignore it. Sometimes they include important stuff.

  3. You can set up all kinds of crazy filters that will auto send messages to the permanent delete folder. At my old firm we got so many interoffice memos that I set it up just to nuke them and figure someone would remind me if it was important. It's also a pretty useful tool for completely eliminating all reply spam

  4. Oh. Thanks. That was helpful.

    I thought telling them to stop would help, but that seems to be completely noneffective.

    I don't mind them so much not wanting me to kill myself, be raped or murdered - but you can only send them to snopes so many times. That is the frustrating part. They really believe this crap? And I'm powerless to stop it.