Monday, July 11, 2011

I blame the Statue of Liberty.

Yesterday I was out getting stuff ready for the trash pickup and I realised a small part of me hates all my neighbors. The Obama lovers/union house. The guy who just bought a new place with his dads tax free police retirement. Obama lovers/retired nurse. It's kind of a theme in my neighborhood I guess.

When you realize that 20% of our population is living off the government now - you start placing a lot of people in categories. And honestly, I hate that I am so aware of how much everyone is bleeding me dry.

You see, I was the first in my family not to take welfare. Most people brag about being the first in their family to go to college. That was too high of a bar for my family. They aren't bad people. They were actually very honest people. (Otherwise) But they exemplified the love affair with America. The quest of relaxation. Isn't that really why people come to America now? To not have to work so hard? And they wonder why other countries are taking jobs. They want to work. It isn't rocket science.

It doesn't matter that you don't make enough money. You just default on your credit cards every few years. My family used to have this whole time period mapped out. They knew that credit companies bet on your inability to claim bankruptcy in the next three years. This meant you could get a card a year after claiming.

I'd like to say this is an isolated incident, but our whole country is based on the premise that if you make a decision and you screw up - you can just start over. As many times as you want.

"Bring us your tired huddled masses."

Usually there are more productive people than not. Now, we've had so many generations of people trying to do as little as possible. Hell, even the street bums were making bank a few years ago. There were all these news reports of bums trading out of their bum attire and going back to their homes.

So how do you get a nation so comfortable with default, not to spend with abandon before cutting their cards up? People used to paying at least 25% more for things, because they don't pay their cards off every month. Why would they care? Their whole "backup plan" is default.

It goes a little like this. They plan to pay their cards, but they know if things are a little rough that month - who is it going to hurt? Not them. They are all of a sudden a better credit risk for their inability to be able to claim bankruptcy.

And things couldn't have changed that much - because i know a person who jingle mailed their house back to the bank, and they expected to be able to get a new loan in three years. I'm not saying they would. But it was their expectation.

Once I was at the chiropractor. We were talking about the housing market and he asked why I didn't just default on my crapshack. Trump does it - after all. I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't hold these values today.

Honestly I don't know how you get it through the thick heads of the average American how when government has to pay 25% more on their credit cards - things get extremely painful before you get to cut up your cards.

When the bond vigilantes are done with Europe - they will come for us. Which fascinatingly will shred those 20% living on government aid. It's like they are committing slow suicide. They want more entitlements, yet all that spending makes everything single thing they buy - more expensive. But what do they care?

They just will just default as soon as they are able.

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