Monday, July 04, 2011

For you weekend readers.

I am basically a mess this weekend. I've got the never ending cold. My nose is running non stop. I put my back out laying sod on Saturday morning. So, Mr S. had to do most of the work. And I've been sleeping in till 11.

But, I still have a story for you die hard weekend readers.

Yesterday Mr S. and I were doing our Saturday stuff. So we could hunker down and ride out the heat - lazy style. Maybe it was good the city axed the fireworks, because I couldn't have climbed to the roof this year. Yes, all white trash style.

Anyway, we were driving down the street and I say - hey, there's an open house sign. Want to go to an open house?

I have no idea why I said this.

Suddenly Mr S. turns down the street. We find the house. However it looked too great to stop. BUT! This took us by another house Mr S. and I had looked at a year ago. Here. I wanted that house so bad. It was in dreadful shape.

At the time the agent was trying to convince me there was going to be a bidding war on the house. Lets, just say there wasn't a bidding war. The house sold for 200 grand less than it was listed for.

When we drove by though - we almost couldn't recognise the place. Some flipper had picked it up at a discount. And that house needed everything. You can read about it in my story. I had to hold my breath even to be in the house the first time.

Honestly, the guy did a really good job. This guy gutted the place, and made it somewhere peoples kids would walk down the giant stairway when graduating.

Mr. S hated the stairway in that place. We make jokes about it all the time. When you first walked into the door it practically stabbed you in the eye. When we left viewing the house, Mr S. said - what was with that staircase?

Me - what? It didn't bother me.

Him - Oh. Really? It was like "welcome to my staircase". Now we say that when there is a huge monolith of an eyesore that takes up all space and time.

We spent several hours that day trying to figure out if we thought that guy could make money on that house. We found out he was a contractor, and at least gets stuff on discount. See people - this is why you keep your life offline. We didn't even know that guy, and now we know a lot about him.

I guess we get to see if he gets his head chopped off or he has giant balls. Someone has to test the waters. Personally I think flipping is a suckers game right now. The real action is in rentals.

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