Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stupid evolution.

Yesterday I was still putting in my framing for the mow strip. I was going to run it over what I thought was a dead sprinkler head. So I was a little surprised when a hammer didn't just chunk that thing out.

Turns out it is not a sprinkler head. It looks like a two inch vent pipe. Which is really unusual for this area. We don't just vent things out of the ground.

Not only do I have to find out that that thing is and get it out - it effed up my back. Or I slept on my shoulder wrong, because when I woke up I went to stretch.... POP.

Now I've spent every waking moment watching the clock to see how long before I can get into the chiropractor.

And I hate everyone that worked on this house. Their motto must have been "look, if we just cover it with dirt, nobody will notice. Which I guess was true. But I keep having to rip stuff out that I wasn't expecting because I didn't know it was under the ground. And it isn't even good stuff.

I would have been happier to find my house was on top of an Indian burial ground. At least then, this vent pipe might have been a portal to the underworld or something. Not that I'm into that. It would just be more interesting than what I've got.

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