Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweat equity. Oh wait. Just sweat.

We decided this weekend to handle our forever lawn project because next weekend we have a snooty car show to go to.

Normally I don't plug these things because the minute I do - they find some way of not having any content for me. And I don't know what to expect because they were marketing it as a show where the cars would cost as much as the median cost of a house in California. Of course, this was a few months ago. By this weekend there could only be VW bugs there.

We promptly started calling this show the Ed Tardy car show. I just know it's going to be full of spiky haired dudes with silk screened t-shirts with wings on them. It's actually a two day event starting with a jet reception at a local airport.

At any rate - back to my yard.

I'm made my whole existence out of sweat equity - but lawns should be installed by people half my age. I thought I'd gotten to a point where I could just pay people to do these things. Still, since I don't have any equity in my house - why would I pay someone? The project has been fighting me since day one. It's just big. Really big.

Still, it's always good to do your own projects. That way you know if your are overpaying or underpaying people. Lawns - definitely pay people.

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