Thursday, July 14, 2011

Full apathy and beyond.

I think the world changed last week. Those job numbers have crawled into everyone's psyche and killed productivity. Not my usual - you people suck. But, really killed productivity. You can see it everywhere. Most especially at government offices.

The kind of killing that makes the Feds "we won't have inflation because productivity has gained so much" spiel seem crazy. Those numbers will dive eminently.

There was a time I thought the DMV had become pretty efficient. I mean, for the DMV. Now it's back to 90's style lethargy. And, I get the wait times. I do. I get it!

Still, when I almost get into an argument with the DMV - you know something is up. I'm mostly shy. Not one to make a scene.

It all started over my truck. The registration is a few weeks overdue, and I need a smog check. I had fantasies about buying a new one for a few years. But President money Bags feels I don't need a new truck. So I keep limping this thing along.

No big deal though. You just pay the registration, and it buys you time to make infinite repairs to clear smog.

I simply asked the girl "once i get the smog done - will they send me the new tags or do I have to come back"?

Her - well they might give you a ticket.

I roll my eyes and say - they are not going to give you a ticket for that.

Her - well your registration is expired. The might give you a ticket.

Me (More firmly this time) - they might pull you over - but they are not going to give you a ticket. I just paid my registration.

Her - but you don't have the smog.

She tried again to say my registration was expired and that I might get a ticket. Where I had to tell her again that I was NOT getting a ticket. I asked again if the DMV would make me come back after I'd gotten my smog done or not.

Her - well... they may or may not.

Which I have to admit - super pissed me off. When our world wasn't all fucked up - they used to have these things that sent your smog report straight to the DMV. I think they call them computers. The past couple of years I've noticed that the DMV is very spotty about caring about the system. I'm sure it cost businesses a lot of money to install, only to be worthless half the time now.

I think the DMV has pulled the whole Albertsons trick of getting rid of their self checkouts. Because they feel you want to talk to a checker instead. Those automated systems are causing unemployment after all. The President says so.

Additionally, Police have these things called computers too. When they drive up on you - they run your licence plate. When those fancy things with buttons tells them the fees have been paid - they move along. Because it isn't profitable anymore for them. It is a 10 dollar ticket after all.

I won't even go into how much I hate people who refuse to turn their cell phones down, and proceed to ignore them. Listen.. the Dirty Harry theme is funny for the first 10 minutes. After two hours - can't tell you how much I want to punch you in the neck.

And really. Some of the old people getting handicap placards. Huge eye roll. One old lady tried to sit on my lap. No lie. It makes you think that maybe they should take her placard away.

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