Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amazon is the new Walmart. Enemy #1.

Retailers face uphill battle against Amazon.

Dear Retailers,

If you stopped sucking so much - Amazon wouldn't be crushing your business. It isn't the tax free money. It's that they send you exactly what you want without having to deal with your crummy sales people.

When I go to amazon - I'm pretty sure the item will be there. When I go to you Dear Retailer, I burn gas and time, only to find out you don't have what I want. You do the math.

Oh wait - you can't or else you would have already stopped sucking.


  1. Hear, hear!!! That's exactly why I prefer online shopping. Although I'm none too happy about my online purchases now getting CA sales tax added even if I'm from ordering from out of state.

    California: how you suck -- let me count the ways...