Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farewell Juneuary. Oh how I loved you.

This has to be one of the best weather summers ever. Normally my onions in the garden are getting burnt by this time of year. I'm agitated by all the pollen from the trees. If I could just count on one really good rain storm like this every summer - life would be really awesome.

It is making my body think it's fall though. So I've been hanging out playing a lot Bioshock. Dream time Mr B.


  1. Isn't globular worming awesome? ;)

    This has seriously been the most perfect spring and early summer since I arrived in Central Califreakia 30 years ago.

    Of course, this weekend it's supposed to get up to 104 in our neck of the woods. Major SUCK, that. :P We need another volcano to go 'splody, pronto. Mwahahahahaaa...

  2. Hahahah. I think that Chilean one is still spewing. Every few days they cancel flights.

    At least we are gonna stay under 100. You should move inland.

  3. No kidding!! Know of any affordable rentals that will allow a dog and two cats? We'd need room for tons of outdoor potted plants too.


  4. Rentals are at least something I can be helpful with. I watch them every week. Because, you know.. the crapshack.

    The market has been staying pretty tight. Everyone is a renter now. But there is a churn. Small churn.

    My renter will have been in my crapshack - three years this month. Through his own free will. He's never been on a lease. Sure he pays late - but he always pays. Never would have predicted that.