Friday, June 24, 2011


That is basically what my brain feels today.

I spent the whole day trying to outsmart rabbits. Who prove time and time again, are smarter than me. It's unbelievable what having nothing but time does for your brain abilities.

About a month ago we found an abscess on Paisleys foot. A problem I never actually thought I'd have to deal with, because my bunnies are middle class. And she lives on woobies. Feet problems were for outside bunnies. But as we've grown to dread, velveteen lops probably have the least hair of any breed. Especially on their feet.

So, I've got a foot problem.

Just on a whim the vet cultured the absess and found she was antibiotic resistant to Baytril. Which I also found was hallucinogenic in humans. Which has nothing to do with the story. But I kind of found out that way too.

Anyway, we had a drain in her. Because these things can spiral quickly. That has been out for a while. This morning I thought I was just going to have a simple recheck. And it was, but we literally spent 45 minutes trying to engineer a footie for her. Some design she tolerate for an undetermined amount of time. With a doughnut.

The vets could do a simple wrap. But get a few geeky bunny owners together and you have a science project. They apparently weren't busy today.

Then she's been starting to reject her new antibiotic which I have to go to a special pharmacy to get. Back to the vet for more engineering. Flavor this time.

Ate up half my day. I thought I was going to have a quick in and out, and planned my day for that.

And we weren't even able to solve the flavoring problem. So I've still got that. Plus my ADD is off the chart.


  1. Poor Paisley!

    I used to think cats were terrible patients. I'm starting to see that rabbits are much more challenging.

    Hang in there.